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Sovol SV07 Klipper 3D Printer

Sovol SV07 Klipper 3D Printer

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● Print Speed: 500mm/s
● Print Size: 220*220*250mm
● 5 Inch Klipper Screen and Wifi Connection

  • All Metal Direct Drive Extruder with Planetary Gear
  • All Metal High Flow Hotend
  • Triple fan cooling
  • Two-sided PEI build plate
  • LED lighting
  • The SV07 from Sovol is the ideal entry-level printer! Thanks to compatibility with Klipper and other features designed for high-speed printing, the stable FDM printer works at both high speeds and high temperatures. With its 220 x 220 x 250 mm build volume, you can put your creativity to the test!

    5-inch HD clipper screen

    SV07 is equipped with a high-resolution 5-inch Klipper touchscreen. Thanks to Klipper-Firmware, the Sovol printer can operate at print speeds of up to 250 mm/s.

    In addition to high-speed printing, Klipper also supports other features such as STL Thumbnail Preview, Height Map, Input Shaper, WiFi connectivity and customisation of printing parameters.

    All Metal Direct Drive Extruder with Planetary Gearbox

    Sovol's in-house developed Direct Drive extruder with planetary gearbox features a lighter motor. A higher gear ratio and stronger extrusion force ensure smoother extrusion and more precise prints.

    All metal high flow hot end for temperatures up to 300 °C

    The high flow all metal hotend of the SV07 allows high-speed printing as well as temperatures up to 300 °C. Materials such as PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, ASA, PC, nylon, carbon fibre and wood can be processed with ease

    Triple fan cooling for high speeds

    SV07 has a large fan behind the extruder. This ensures rapid cooling of the extruded layer, leaving behind beautiful surfaces.

    Triple fan cooling

    SV07 has a large fan behind the extruder

    Automatic levelling over 25 points

    SV07 is equipped with an intelligent inductive sensor for automatic levelling over 25 points. This automatically compensates for the unevenness of the heated bed and thus ensures a beautiful first layer.

    Two-sided PEI build plate

    Scratches can happen - it's still annoying! The SV07 offers the perfect solution in the form of a PEI building plate that can be used from both sides! The magnetic build plate guarantees excellent adhesion as well as easy removal of the printed models - even by hand!

    Practical belt tensioner

    You will recognise the practical and easy-to-use belt tensioner by the authentic Sovol flash mark. With the belt tensioner, you will achieve more even printing results

    Rugged construction and powerful features for high-speed printing

    The SV07's robust features are designed for stable, high-speed printing

    ► STM32 Silent Mainboard with TMC2209 Driver

  • Ensures better cooling with strong anti-interference capability
  • Ensures stable communication
  • Type-C connector with high compatibility
  • More hardware protection for long service life
  • ► Powerful and reliable 350 Watt Meanwell power supply

    ► Anti-slip version of the Gates belt

  • Ensures stable movement, high precision and strength.
  • ► Dual z-axis

    LED illumination for a better printing experience

    Thanks to a great LED light under the extruder, your print models will always stay well lit.

    Practical tool drawer

    SV07 has an extremely practical tool drawer. It allows you to keep tools handy and organised to keep your work surfaces tidy.

    Tool drawer

    SV07 has an extremely practical tool drawer

    Filament outlet sensor

    If the filament runs out or breaks, the printing process is automatically interrupted. When the sensor detects a new filament, printing can continue!

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