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Buy Anycubic resin Online.

Anycubic manufactures several resin types for various uses, in addition to some of the most popular resin 3D printers on the market. The Anycubic resin is intended for high-accuracy applications like jewelry, model-making, architectural models, and components requiring close tolerances. Anycubic resin is a great general-use resin that is perfect for unpainted sculptures with a high degree of visible detail and is available at a price similar to other 3D printing resins.

Anycubic resins are designed specifically for DLP and are hence unsuitable for SLA. This is because DLP resins are very light sensitive, allowing them to function with the low-power light sources used in DLP 3D printers. SLA printers employ significantly higher-powered light sources (lasers), which need distinct chemical composition of the material.

Features of Anycubic resins

This Anycubic UV Resin was created particularly for low-powered LED UV LCD. This UV resin exhibits high stability and rigidity once cured, especially in damp and corrosive situations.

  1. Standard Colored UV Resin

The colored UV resins from Anycubic form the foundation of the resin lineup. The colored UV resin is available in various hues, including white, peach, orange, red, maroon, blue, black, and grey. And, as one would expect from a resin, it stinks.

It's critical to remember that you shouldn't be exposed to this resin odor for too long. We recommend using these resins in a well-ventilated area and wearing a mask.

The quoted exposure periods for this resin are 5 to 15 seconds, and the wavelength is 405 nm. Overall, this is a nice standard resin, and it prints well and adds a good degree of structural rigidity to the produced objects.

The only major disadvantage is the odor, and it's rather severe.

  • Curing time: 5-15 s

  • Wavelength: 405 nm

  • Shelf life: 12 months

  • Price: approx. Rs2000 for 1 kg

2. Plant-based UV Resin

If the smell of Anycubic's conventional UV resin is your biggest problem, this plant-based variant may be the best option for you. While Anycubic's conventional UV resin is not biodegradable, the plant-based UV resin is since it is manufactured from soybean oil.

Looking at the specifications, you'll see that this resin has a slightly different curing time than the normal resin and that the wavelength compatibility is wider, implying that more DLP/LCD 3D printers can use it.

The cost is higher than standard resin, but it appears manageable. Conventional resin's benefits, such as convenience, are present, but the strong odor has been removed. Despite its increased price, this might be Anycubic's best resin for amateurs. There's also not much to dislike about this resin, which comes in six hues (pink, blue, green, violet, orange, and yellow).

  • Curing time: 8-10 s

  • Wavelength: 355-410 nm

  • Shelf life: 12 months

  • Price: approx. 2500 for 1 kg

3. Casting UV Resin

The translucent UV resin is the next in Anycubic's resin portfolio. In terms of specifications, this resin is identical to the normal resin. On paper, the only changes are the available colors and the visual look of the models. The translucent UV resin is available in three hues, as opposed to the conventional resin's eight: clear, transparent yellow, and transparent green.

Models printed with this resin are relatively eye-catching in terms of aesthetics. The translucent varieties are cool, providing excellent visual prototypes.

Even though the official numbers match the standard resin, numerous users have noticed a fascinating "hidden" benefit of transparent resins: a reduced print time. Because there is less pigment, the drying time for each layer appears to be lowered, reducing the print time.

The conventional resin retains the simplicity of printing, excellent results, and fragrance. So, if you have a well-ventilated location and want to add a cool aesthetic to your 3D printing, this resin is worth considering.

  • Curing time: 5-15 s

  • Wavelength: 405 nm

  • Shelf life: 12 months

  • Price: approx. Rs 6500 for 500g

Benefits of Anycubic resins

Because no layers are developed while curing when printing with SLA or DLP, detailed prints are produced, and the print shrinks less than with other fibers and becomes exceptionally stable.

However, there are other advantages:

  • It guarantees extremely good adherence and stability during printing.

  • The success rates for successful printing are quite high here.

  • The maker has discovered a nice balance of hardness and toughness, making removing the object from the printing plate simpler after printing.

  • This resin can handle even the most intricate printing. The resin is made up of monomer resin and a photoinitiator. It has a one-year shelf life.

  • It should constantly be firmly closed and stored in a cool area. It must be protected from moisture and dust to produce the BEST printing results.

  • All options are white, black, grey, orange, skin tones, and green. Otherwise, the resin is of high quality and reasonably priced.

  • Anycubic resin can also be found in the vegetal form. The resin is slightly more expensive but less odorous than standard Anycubic resin.

  • It comes in various colors and has the same great printing quality.

  • How to place an order?
    Please reach out to us on Whatsapp @ +919445386506. We will provide you with a quote to discuss and take it forward
  • How long will products take to ship?
    Shipping times differ based on the location of delivery. Please reach out to us on Whatsapp @+919445077281 to know further.
  • Is installation and training provided along with the product installation?
    Currently we don't provide installation of the product. But online training is provided
  • Can the products be returned?
    No, the products once delivered cannot be returned. Warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
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