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Buy Phrozen Resins Online

Phrozen Resins are a class of photopolymers used in 3D printing that is made up of several monomers and a photo-initiator. These substances respond to UV radiation, sunlight, or laser energy, changing from a liquid state to a solid structure. Layer by layer, 3D printers apply resin drops all at once+ and cure them after each layer, or in the case of MJP technology, light sources are directed to specific locations that need to be hardened. Phrozen Resin may be used to make engineering prototypes and durable functioning models, and it resembles ABS plastic. The resin is available in white and grey; if more colour is required, it may be painted on after printing.


All resins have the ability to harden under some conditions - by mixing with a setting agent, heated, or exposed to light. The latter method is used for 3d printing resin. Before they solidify, such materials are very viscous liquids. There is a wide variety of synthetic resins, including those made from thermoplastics like ABS, Nylon, and polypropylene. Only when they are liquid are some of these substances referred to as resins; once they have dried, they are simply referred to as plastics or elastomers.


Hydro tech3d are the authorized resellers of Phrozen Resin in India and offers the best prices, with already included taxes in the prices, for these products, and products can be bought from their website. It also offers free shipping services across India. If you are buying the product online, it takes 7 to 10 working days to deliver the product to your doorstep.

Benefits of Phrozen Resins
  • Low-Irritation - Phrozen resins were created in line with ISO 10993:10 standard and did not include heavy metals. It indicates that the substance is irritant-free and suitable for direct skin contact. The resin is also low-shrink, extremely hard, and flexible.

  • Printing durable and useful models: The Phrozen resins can withstand 19 MPA of pressure without cracking. It's great for making functional pieces or prototyping because it's highly hard and stretchy.

  • Phrozen resins are appropriate for engineering and for the prototyping of heat-resistant industrial-grade items. It has a great degree of detail, is extremely robust, and can withstand heat up to 97 °C.

  • Models that are completely clear and free of the yellow tinge may be produced with this product through 3D printing. These models won't turn yellow even after being cured in post-processing. High durability is among their other key characteristics.

  • Dental and jewelry 3D printing with castable materials is possible using frozen resins, which produces clean castable models. Low water absorption, great detail, and low shrinkage are some of the material's further characteristics.

  • How to place an order?
    Please reach out to us on Whatsapp @ +919445386506. We will provide you with a quote to discuss and take it forward
  • How long will products take to ship?
    Shipping times differ based on the location of delivery. Please reach out to us on Whatsapp @+919445077281 to know further.
  • Is installation and training provided along with the product installation?
    Currently we don't provide installation of the product. But online training is provided
  • Can the products be returned?
    No, the products once delivered cannot be returned. Warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
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