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SOVOL SV06 plus

SOVOL SV06 plus

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The SV06 Plus from Sovol is an outstanding FDM printer in Sovol's typical light blue colour accents and with a black aluminium frame. The printer impresses with a large build volume of 300 x 300 x 340 mm, supports high-speed printing up to 150 mm/s and can print up to 300 °C!

High-speed printing at temperatures up to 300 °C

The Sovol SV06 Plus features an all-metal hotend with extended heatbreak. This high-flow hotend supports high-speed printing up to 150 mm/s and is designed for printing temperatures up to 300 °C. The all-metal hotend allows it to work with both standard filaments and high-temperature materials: TPU, PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, ASA, nylon, carbon fibre and wood.

All Metal Direct Drive Extruder with Planetary Gearhead

Sovol's proprietary All Metal Direct Drive Extruder with Planetary Gearhead ensures more precise and smoother extrusion through a higher gear ratio and lighter motor.

25-point automatic levelling

The SV06 Plus's inductive sensor automatically detects 25 points and compensates for the unevenness of the heated bed. The intelligent sensor ensures perfect levelling and a beautiful first layer!

G34 Auto Z Align

Because the motherboard uses UART mode and G34 is updated, the SV06 Plus has the G34 Auto Z Align function. To automatically level the x-axis, you just need to select the function - the x-axis will be adjusted effortlessly.

Dual Z-axis for more accuracy

Accuracy of 0.001 mm and precision of nozzle movements are ensured by robust dual Z-axis screws and powerful stepper motors.

Belt tensioner for consistent print results

When you turn the large belt tensioner with the Sovol lighting symbol, you can adjust the belt tension for even printing results.

32-bit main board for quiet printing

The self-developed 32-bit motherboard with TMC2209 drivers ensures stable and quiet operation of the printer. Thermal runaway protection ensures safety by automatically turning on in the event of thermal faults.

The printer supports UART mode, which can be easily modified and upgraded by experienced 3D experts.

Flexible PEI spring steel plate

The PEI-coated build plate is flexible, allowing printed models to be easily removed without tools. The durable spring steel plate cannot be scratched easily.

4.3-inch touchscreen

The Sovol SV06 Plus is equipped with a user-friendly, touch-sensitive and side-mounted 4.3-inch touchscreen. Switching between day and night modes is made incredibly easy.

Useful features

► Filament runout sensor

If the filament runs out or breaks, the printing process is automatically interrupted.

► Resume printing

If there is a power failure or the filament breaks, you can select the "Resume Printing" function. This will resume printing where it stopped; the parts already completed will not be wasted.

Features & Advantages

Modular design

Ideal for everyday use

Direct drive extruders

All metal hot end

Automatic 25-point levelling

Flexible build plate with PEI coating

32-bit silent motherboard

Print Size: 300mm*300mm*340mm● Print Speed: 150mm/s● 4.3 Inch Touchscreen

Non returnable

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