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SIRAYA TECH CASTABLE  True Blue 3D Printer Resin - 1Kg

SIRAYA TECH CASTABLE True Blue 3D Printer Resin - 1Kg

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Cast True Blue 3D Printer Resin - Easier to Burn and Print

Making an excellent castable resin was never easy because if a resin is easier to print, then it is often difficult to get clean burnout. At the same time, easier to burnout resin are often very soft and challenging to print. Cast Purple was a groundbreaking resin because it was both easy to print and cast and affordable for cast resin.

Now we are taking it one step further with Cast True Blue.

Using the newly developed wax-based formulation, Cast True Blue UV resin is easier to burn out than Cast Purple, which expands the range of applications.

This siraya tech castable resin is now possible to cast thicker model designs such as printed bracelets, large pendants, metal parts, jewelry casting, and by dentists. Like Cast Purple, Cast True Blue is field tested with commonly available casting powders.

Delivery in 1 week across india

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