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Phrozen Wash and Cure Kit

Phrozen Wash and Cure Kit

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Phrozen Wash and Cure kit fits perfectly for Phrozen mighty 8k(10 INCH size) /Mini 8K


Post-processing can be a messy and tedious part of 3D printing, especially for large models.

Phrozen Wash & Cure Kit will make your cleaning and curing process faster and easier with a powerfully huge washing station, and a curing station that can dry and cure your models all in one go.



  • Clean Delicately With Powerful Vortex - Equipped with a powerful bottom propeller, the washing station effectively cleans your models without causing damage to details.
  • Dunk 10” Wide Building Plate Straight In - With extra-large build volume, you can clean almost any model, no matter how big! Best used with Sonic Mighty 8K and other 10” building plates. 
  • The Dual Fan System Makes Drying Easier Than Ever - Designed with a fan drying mode, you can pop printed models straight into the curing station to dry and cure them in one go.
  • No More Sticky and Unevenly Cured Models - With 405nm UV lights radiating from the back and under the models, the curing station ensures extra effective curing.
  • Time-Saving - Coming as a pair, the 8L washing station and the curing station with the dry & cure function are literal time savers.

Ready Stock. Delivery in 5 to 7 days across india

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