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ELEGOO Saturn 4

ELEGOO Saturn 4

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The Saturn 4 from Elegoo is a user-friendly 12K resolution resin printer that sets new standards in precision and quality. With smart features, it not only delivers first-class, high-precision printing results but also offers an improved user experience that makes it a breeze to operate.

10-inch 12K monochrome LCD screen

The Saturn 4 features a 10-inch 12K monochrome LCD screen with a resolution of 11520 x 5120 pixels and an XY resolution of 19 x 24 μm, offering impressive detail for high-resolution prints.

A robust, scratch-resistant protective film made of 9H tempered glass ensures reliable protection against scratches, bumps and other damage.

Combined light source for more detail

The Saturn 4 uses Elegoo's proprietary lighting technology that combines a COB light source with a Fresnel lens collimator. This produces a 405 nm wavelength light beam and illuminates the screen at a right angle with a light angle of less than 5°, resulting in a field of view uniformity of more than 92%. This results in highly precise prints with detailed surfaces, sharp corners and edges.

Intelligent functions

The smart resin printer is equipped with advanced features to ensure an effortless, user-friendly start and a worry-free printing experience at all times:

► Automatic levelling with one click: Automatic levelling allows you to start printing immediately after unpacking. An intelligent mechanical sensor allows the build plate to be levelled every time without any worries.

► One-Click Self-Check: Perform a quick self-test and check whether individual components of the resin printer are working properly.

► Intelligent mechanical sensor: To prevent possible damage to the LCD screen (e.g. caused by foreign objects) and to detect resin defects and levelling errors, the printer is equipped with a special mechanical sensor that supports the residue detection function. The reliable detection system ensures greater safety and better printing results.

User-friendly design

The resin printer is also designed with some user-friendly details to make your printing process as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible:

  • Quick-release design of the build plate,
  • Resin tank with two outlet openings for easier pouring of the resin,
  • Drip tray that prevents the resin from leaking out,
  • Replaceable tank cap,
  • Hinged lid for effortless access,
  • Laser-engraved build plate for better adhesion and easier removal of the model.
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