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ELEGOO Rapid Standard Resin Grey 1KG

ELEGOO Rapid Standard Resin Grey 1KG

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Fast Photocuring Ability

Our RAPID 405nm resin features a fast photocuring ability, with an exposure time as short as 0.5-1.8 seconds. This results in 3X faster printing speed when using ACF release film and our Saturn 3 UItra and Mars 4 UItra, increasing productivity and saving your time.

Smooth and Efficient Printing Experience

Our RAPID 3D printer resin is formulated to provide high fluidity and low viscosity, with a viscosity as low as 60, which ensures that the resin can quickly reflow to the area between the model and release film, resulting in a smooth and efficient printing experience.

High Precision Resin

ELEGOO standard photopolymer resin has a strong anti-background light ability so that no excess resin is left on the surface of printed models, ensuring that each model is printed with a smooth surface finish, clear texture, and fine details.

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