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Bambu Lab Bambu Lab AMS - Automatic Material System

Bambu Lab Bambu Lab AMS - Automatic Material System

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  • Bambu Lab AMS is an intelligent system that communicates with the toolhead to guarantee smooth feeding and automatic mid-print filament switching. It can detect the tension on filament and actively adjust the feeding pace. With RFID technology, Bambu Lab AMS identifies filament loaded inside and automatically configures the most appropriate print settings.
  • Bambu Lab AMS equipped with humidity sensors and with an airtight enclosure, it keeps the filament dry and ready to use, which is especially helpful for engineering grade materials such as nylon and polycarbonate, which are hydroscopic.
  • Each Bambu Lab AMS is composed of 4 filament slots, and up to 4 AMS can be installed in parallel. With multiple filament slots at disposal, it's now possible to use snap-away support material or dissolvable filament to minimize the pain of removing supports
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