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12K Upgrade Kit for Sonic Mighty 8K

12K Upgrade Kit for Sonic Mighty 8K

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Upgrade to 12K: Unlock the Potential

Upgrade your Sonic Mighty 8K with Phrozen 12K Upgrade Kit to experience the capability of 12K printing now. Achieve effortless higher printing quality just by replacing a few key components.

Want to make it even better

The Phrozen ACF Film paired with the new firmware from the new 12K mainboard will reduce your printing time and increase printing efficiency to achieve successful prints each time.

Unlock the full potential of your Sonic Mighty 8K with the Phrozen 12K Upgrade Kit.

*The ACF film needs to be used together with the new and soon-to-be-released firmware and with the suitable parameter settings in order to achieve the six-time faster printing speed.
*Please note that tax and tariffs are not included in the price.
* The 12K Upgrade Kit LCD is compatible with LCD Screen Protector for Sonic Mighty 8K.

Choose Sonic Mighty 12K Upgrade Kit on your Chitubox Slicer to slice your model files.

Make sure to read our full, step-by-step 12K Upgrade Kit Tutorial for Sonic Mighty 8K before installing the kit for a smooth installation.


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