Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K

Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K

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[PreOrder]Mighty 8K with 1 kg aqua grey 8K for 69000 all inclusive 

Delivery in July-august 2022

Sonic Mighty 8K is the perfect-sized printer for all the makers. With size +
productivity all rolled into one, you’ll get to mass produce all your high-quality 3D
models with ultra-high 8K resolution!
● Print Big in 8K Resolution: Printing big models doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the
details. With incredible 28㎛ resolution, now everyone can create crisp, sharp, and large
prints effortlessly.
● 10”X 23.5cm = Boosted Productivity: Designed to be big & mighty! Sonic Mighty 8K
comes with a 10” printing area & 23.5cm Z-axis. Numerous pieces can easily be printed
at once and assembled to form an even larger model.
● Perfect Size for Your Workspace: Sonic Mighty 8K is just like any other regular
compact-sized printer, easy to place anywhere without taking up too much of your
workspace. It’s super easy to store while you’ll have more than enough room for all your
other equipment.
● Enhanced Success Rate & LCD Lifetime: Sonic Mighty 8K also comes with a Frosted
Laser Cut Building Plate which firmly adheres printed models, preventing them from
falling during printing. The Sonic Mighty 8K is also equipped with Phrozen’s premium
Mono-LCD that provides 2000 working hours, greatly increased from our previous
● Extra Effort to Help you Print Better: In order to cure resin evenly, reduce wobbling,
and layer lines, Phrozen has developed the Linear Projection LED Module which
provides consistent UV projection at all times. The Sonic Mighty 8K also comes with
solid dual linear rails and a thick T-Plate for optimal printing performance.

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