Creality CR-X Pro

Creality CR-X Pro


Creality newly released dual-extruder 3d printer CR-X Pro allows four modes of color printing, unlike CR-X 3d printer, Bl touch for auto-leveling. 

The CR-X Pro comes with the same type of dual extruder as its predecessor, a single-nozzle, dual-color design. 


The filament is fed through Bowden tubes from the extruder, meeting in a Y-coupler before passing into the hot end itself.


CR-X Pro FDM 3D Printer Features


Dual Extruders for Two Colors: Dual extruders in one nozzle


How Does Dual-color 3D Printing Work?


FDM 3D printer, which is having dual extruders in one nozzle, is capable of printing 2 different colors at the same time.


Through software algorithm control, slicing software editing, the machine can support four modes of color printing: mixed color, dual-color, layered color, and single color to achieve customized two-color 3D models.


The dual-color FDM 3D printer with dual extruders into one nozzle structure is much easier to use and maintain than a traditional dual-nozzle 3D printer.


Integrated Design With Stable Structure:

Modularized parts make it possible to easily finish a DIY assembly.

Most of the electronic components are concealed in the sheet metal machine base.

The neat design promotes the service life of components.


Large Print size in the full-metal frame

Crafted with all-metal profiles, the CR-X Pro 3d printer with a large print size 400x300x300mm provides sufficient space for creativity.


Z-axis double screws with stable printing

Equipped with Z-axis double screws, the Creality CR-X Pro FDM 3d printer promotes stable performance and print precision.


BL-touch auto-leveling with stable printing

Genuine BL-touch realizes precise auto-leveling by accurate measurement, adjustment, and automatic leveling compensation. The deviation is about 0.005mm


Carborundum Glass platform

Carborundum glass platform with good adhesion (withstand temperature up to 60℃) is easy to remove the model without glue.


Wide voltage power supply:

Wide voltage power supply from the internationally well-know suppliers has stable performance, promoting running speed. 500W famous power supply, add a 30% rate of heating.


Dual cooling fans for heat dissipation

Double fans can dissipate heat evenly and cool down the nozzle more effectively ensuring stable long-term printing.


Resume print function

The machine can automatically save the print process after power-off and resume printing when power-on. Fewer worries on print failure.

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