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Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2

Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2

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 Toughness Upgrade
● High Flowability, High Success Rate
● Low Odor for Peaceful Printing

Strong & Tough
Based on the excellent tensile and bending strength of the previous version of ABS-like resin + , ABS-Like resin Pro 2 strengthens the toughness performance, increases the elongation at break by more than 100%, and the finished model is stronger and more durable, which can be used to print high-strength and high-toughness models such as structural parts, industrial prototype parts, and fixtures.

High Flowability, High Success Rate
Low viscosity and high flowability shorten curing time and make models easier to form. The resin enables fast reflow, reducing delamination in model print. At the same time, the backplane adhesion is better, effectively reducing the risk of printing failure.

Low Odor for Peaceful Printing
Our low-odor formula reduces discomfort for those sensitive to smells, creating a more comfortable printing environment.

High Precision with Minimal Shrinkage
With an even lower shrinkage rate, the chance of distortion is decreased. Achieve top-notch precision and display sharp, vivid details in your prints.

Optimized and Upgraded, A Vibrant Palette
Our resin offers a wide array of color options with exceptional, long-lasting color retention. Specifically, our black ABS-Like resin Pro 2 has undergone special upgrades to enhance color saturation and richness in printed models.

High Compatibility, Enhanced Protection
Compatible with a wide range of LCD and DLP 3D printers operating within the 365-405nm wavelength, our resin offers seamless integration with most printers on the market. The safety packaging with leak-proof design and multiple protective measures ensure worry-free handling, eliminating concerns of damage or leakage.


ready stock. delivery in 4 to 7 days across india

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